Soffit – Fascia

Soffit – Fascia

This premium vinyl soffit is sculpted in a smooth, clean profile with no visible vents which gives your home a finished look and the utmost curb appeal.  According to recent tests, Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit delivers up to 50% more ventilation space than other leading hidden vent panels.

Triple 3 1/3 Ventura Soffit
This premium vinyl soffit has a clean, finished look for the ultimate in curb appeal.
Product Details
Code: HVS10V
Performance: Premium
Material: Vinyl
Style: Hidden Vent
Thickness (Nominal): 0.044″
Length: 12′
Width (Exposure): 10″
Profile: Triple 3 1/3
Height (Butt): 0.625″
Box Attributes
Gross Weight: 117.61 LBS
Net Weight: 106.76 LBS
Volume: 7.81 FT3
Pcs./Ctn.: 20
Sqs./Ctn.: 2
Free Area: 9.00 Sq. In./Ft.

Products from Complete Roofing. represent a legacy of innovation and durability trusted by homeowners and professionals for years. Our premium-quality fascia and trim products come in a wide selection of colors to match an array of architectural and personal styles. All of our fascia and trim products are backed by comprehensive warranties that are among the best in the business.



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